Looking for a reliable NAV Partner in France for your customer’s NAV Roll-Out in FR ?

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Some say that a reliable NAV Partner, in foreign country, is simply a NAV Partner able to speak English. Really ?

At Dynamics International, we are sure of one thing : it is far not enough !

An ERP international deployment project is complex, not only in terms of language issue, but also in terms of cultural différences, localisation issues, deployment methodology, etc.
Then, if you are a NAV Partner working for one of your customers, willing to deploy NAV in several countries (globally, worldwide, regionally, or in some countries) you should have studied the way to manage this project, keep it on track and request the help of local partners to successfully deploy it. But, did you  prepare it efficiently ? How will your FR deployment, for example, be handled ? What will you prepare ? What will you request to your local FR Partner ? Will it be able to provide you with several resources experienced in international deployments ? Will it be able to provide you also with some recommendations ?

All these questions need to find, not AN answer, but THE RIGHT answer.

Depending on your customer’s project, and on your expectations, local partners have be able to adapt and find out the efficient way of providing you with the right approach.

At Dynamics International, we are 100% dedicated to this kind of ERP projects : Global projects. We do not deploy domestic ERP projects, we focus on international or multi-countries projects based on Microsoft Dynamics NAV.

We would be glad to receive your requests and provide you with an appropriate answer.

Find out more information on our Website : http://www.dynamicsinternational.com

Hope you will find out there everything you need, if not, please feel free to contact us !

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