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Customer case

Bureau Van Dijk - Dynamics NAV International ERPSpecialist of the commercial and financial information of 100+ Million of companies worldwide, Bureau van Dijk is currently located within 32 countries and is well known for its range of financial analysis tools and economic intelligence, published in relationship with the largest information providers.

Created in 1991, Bureau van Dijk employs 550 peoples in order to propose its customers some tools allowing them to cross information provided by various data sources, and to create links between them.

Project approach

Initially equipped by a local Belgium solution, the Group wanted to purchase a unique and central solution allowing him to manage centrally the bookkeeping of its 28 subsidiaries, through a 10 people team.
The choice has quickly defined Microsoft Dynamics NAV as the preferred Global ERP solution, due to its geographical coverage, to its ability to manage intercompany postings and to interact with Group business solutions.

Moreover, the Dynamics NAV solution, through its multi-localisations features, provided an adapted answer to European countries regulatory, as an example, the monthly VAT declaration manage directly within Microsoft Dynamics NAV (formerly known as Navision).

With this setup, the solution allows the countries consolidation and reporting, within a single NAV database.

The deployment has been managed in a very short period of time (4 months for all the countries in the scope).
The main issue has been the complex management of the multi-currencies function within an international context, between the headquarters and its subsidiaries. Regarding this issue, the NAV multi-currencies features have solved efficiently these key functions.

Implemented countries

ZA - Map

DE - NAV Map - Global ERP

AR - Map

AU - NAV Map - Global ERP

AT - Map

South Africa Germany Argentina Australia Austria

Bahrain - Map

BE - Map

CN - Map

KR - Map

DK - NAV Map - Global ERP

Bahrain Belgium China South Korea Denmark

DU - Map

SP - NAV Map - Global ERP

US - Map

FR - NAV Map - Global ERP

IT - NAV Map - Global ERP

Dubai Spain United States France Italy

JP - Map

MX - Map

NL - Map

PT - Map

UK - NAV Map - Global ERP

Japan Mexico Netherlands Portugal UK
RU - Map SG - Map  SW - Map CH - NAV Map - Global ERP BR - NAV Map - Global ERP
Russia Singapour Sweden Switzerland Brazil
SL - NAV Map - Global ERP HK - NAV Map - Global ERP MX - NAV Map - Global ERP
Slovenia Hong Kong Mexico

Particularités du projet :

  • 28 implement countries

  • NAV version : 2016

  • Scope : Accounting / Finance

  • Interface with business solution


Nos clients sont meilleurs ambassadeurs :

  • We have selected Microsoft Dynamics NAV as our Local Subsidiaries’ Group Core Model, also as an alternative to our Tier-1 Central. Dynamics NAV is currently implemented within 25+ countries and will cover 40+ at the end of the project.

  • The technical platform of Microsoft Dynamics NAV allows us to import easily and efficiently an important volume of data on a daily basis coming from our multi-countries and multi-currencies e-Commerce website.

  • The high involvement and commitment of Dynamics International resources on our Dynamics NAV project has allowed us to efficiently implement the Group solution within our 13 local subsidiaries. It helped managing each country’s specific activities (bookkeeping/finance) through a direct interface with our Group internal business solution.

  • Microsoft Dynamics NAV Bookkeeping and Finance functions have convinced us of the relevance of this ERP solution regarding our international context. The solution efficiency allowed us to keep a cost effective team size at Finance Department level, in order to manage the growth of our 35 countries subsidiaries.