Project Management / Professional Services Automation


This module, totally embedded within NAV, is improved at each new NAV version. It helps the management of your projects, and improves the involvement level of your resources (human and machines) by analysing each projects profitability.

The NAV project management module allows you to allocate each cost and outcomes, totally or partially, on one or more than one projects.

The follow up of these projects will be compared to forecasts, budgets or planning, allowing you to have a clear idea of your projects profitability. The comparison of forecasts and reality also helps to avoid mistakes or invoice errors.

As projects are published at sales, as well as purchases departments level, it will be easy to allocate frequently related cost and outcomes.

NAV project management features :

  • Projects management

  • Budgets management

  • Planning management

  • Phases / tasks / steps management

  • Resources management

  • Capacities management

  • Costs and outcomes management


Nos clients sont meilleurs ambassadeurs :

  • We have selected Microsoft Dynamics NAV as our Local Subsidiaries’ Group Core Model, also as an alternative to our Tier-1 Central. Dynamics NAV is currently implemented within 25+ countries and will cover 40+ at the end of the project.

  • The technical platform of Microsoft Dynamics NAV allows us to import easily and efficiently an important volume of data on a daily basis coming from our multi-countries and multi-currencies e-Commerce website.

  • The high involvement and commitment of Dynamics International resources on our Dynamics NAV project has allowed us to efficiently implement the Group solution within our 13 local subsidiaries. It helped managing each country’s specific activities (bookkeeping/finance) through a direct interface with our Group internal business solution.

  • Microsoft Dynamics NAV Bookkeeping and Finance functions have convinced us of the relevance of this ERP solution regarding our international context. The solution efficiency allowed us to keep a cost effective team size at Finance Department level, in order to manage the growth of our 35 countries subsidiaries.