Microsoft and the privacy in the Cloud

Dynamics NAV 2017 in the cloud Azure

The 1-th of february, 2015, became a milestone of the Microsoft Cloud history. This day, Microsoft became the first major Cloud player to adopt the first international Cloud privacy standard (ISO/IEC 27018).

ISO logoAn independent survey, conducted by the British Standard Institute, has verified that Microsoft Azure, Office 365, Microsoft Dynamics and Intune are aligned with the standard’s codes for the protection of Personally Identifiable Information in the public Cloud.

This standard ensure Microsoft Cloud customers to gain control on their data, to know what is happening to their data and be sure that their data will not be used for advertising.

This standard adoption comes in addition to the previous ones :
– The European one (G29) confirming that Microsoft’s enterprise Cloud contracts are aligned with “model clauses” under EU privacy law
– The Microsoft’s pionneer position around the signature of the Student Privacy Pledge, establishing a common set of principles to protect the privacy of student information

Source : Blog article of Brad Smith

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