New functionnalities of Dynamics NAV2017

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Presented end of October 2016, the version of the Microsoft international Mid-Market ERP, Dynamics NAV 2017, proposes new functionalities, such as :

  • Improvement of the User Experience within Office 365 :

    • Outlook Add-In : Synchronization of contacts in order to create or modify customers or suppliers, directly from Outlook
    • Excel Add-In : Optimized Excel Import/Export from NAV, with ability to re-import modifications made within Excel
    • Word : Creation of simple layouts directly within Word
  • Setup optimization :

The wizard make imports easier, proposes setups of the solution and predefines user rights through various scenarii

  • Improvement of the mobility :

Basic CRM (Customer Relationship Management) functions are improved, particularly through the mobile application

  • User experience :

The web client is improved and allows multiple views making easier to check data, images thumbnails are available in different sizes and offers a step-by-step data entry wizard. When using the web client, smart notifications help the user to improve its efficiency

  • Project management :

Timesheets are optimized in order to fill them in an easier way, particularly through the assistant. Screens displays are also improved.

  • Dynamics CRM :

The native interface between Dynamics CRM and Dynamics NAV is optimized and is able to synchronize data between the 2 solutions

  • Finance functions :

New finance reports allow a better control on the business activity. The function bank reconciliation has also been improved

  • Items management :

The display, the sorting or the value appreciation of items have been improved in order to increase profitability and facilitate decisions

  • Power BI :

The integration of the Power BI solution within Dynamics NAV helps using KPIs and creating specific smart charts

  • Extensions :

Recently presented, Dynamics NAV extensions are a way to facilitate the development of new functionnalities without needing to change the Dynamics NAV inner code. It facilitates also the coming updates of NAV

More information within the new version NAV 2017 presentation brochure or within the specific NAV 2017 new functionalities brochure

Whats New in Dynamics NAV 2017

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