Dynamics NAV 2015 new functionnalities

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Realeased on the 6th of October, 2014, the new version of the Microsoft Global Mid-Market ERP, brings various new technical and functionnal features.

The largest improvement of NAV2015, compared to the previous version, is the embedded message from the Microsoft CEO : “Mobile-First, Cloud-First”.

Actually, NAV2015 provides :
Tablet Client NAV2015 - Global ERP– A multi-OS tablet client (iOS, Android and Windows) allowing NAV users a real time access to their data and company processes, as set up in the ERP, and applying predefined Role Center tuning
– A clearer and more simple access to key data, from the user dashboard, through the use of dynamic tiles, charts and windows, customised following users’ roles and needs
– A faster and intuitive data entry, through the improvement of pages ergonomics and automation of some fields content
– A simple and user friendly tool to customize NAV reports (invoices, orders, credit memos…), through Microsoft Word
– A deployment platform in Microsoft Azure, with Microsoft Office 365, in order to simplify not only the deployment, but also the ERP user adoption, wherever they are in the world
– Collaborative work features, through the Microsoft Office 365 embedded features
– An optimisation of the Cash Managemetn functions (Electronic payments management, Automatic reconciliation, Payments cash flow management…)
– Deployment and migration (code and data) optimized features, through the RapidStart function

Label Logo NAV2015 - Global ERPDynamics NAV, the Microsoft’s global ERP for SMB and local subsidiaries of Large Groups, improves its leadership in terms of functional scope and low cost international deployment abilities.
Moreover, this version can be easily updated from the NAV2013 or NAV2013R2 version, making it easier to deploy and use.

Regarding Microsoft Azure, the Microsoft’s Cloud platform, NAV 2015 is optimized in order to be deployed in this environment in Classic License mode (purchase of the license) or through the Subcription mode (SaaS mode with use based invoicing). Thus, local subsidiaries deployments are easy and quick to deploy, without incurring heavy IT or License costs.
This deployement approach linked with our Core Model based international deployment strategies, allows our customer to apply not so common scale economies.

For more information : www.dynamicsinternational.com

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