Which ERP as an alternative to major ERP ?

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In the current economic context, an International Group or a multi-country Company,  has to optimize the monitoring of its activities, through the integration of data coming from local subsidiaries, based in foreign countries.
This monitoring can easily be optimized, if, as an initial assumption, the Group and/or the local subsidiaries are using the same ERP, or at least business solutions built in an homogeneous way.
In fact, by putting this Group monitoring strategy, at the center of a Group ERP harmonization project, the Group Management can choose to implement, within the whole offices, a major ERP solution (such as SAP, Infor, JDE, Oracle, Lawson, IFS…), but having high level (deployment and maintenance) costs, not related to some subsidiaries revenues.
Moreover, in order to be deployed locally, these major ERP solutions imply to gather several local internal resources as local key users, during a timing not compliant with their usual daily tasks.

These major ERP solutions, bringing an extended scope of features, match perfectly with the Head Offices of some large international Groups, including also some of their largest local subsidiaries, due to their ability to match accurately to the Group specific business processes. However, they represent a real difficulty for some “human sized” Head Quarters or local Subsidiaries, which functional needs can be as complex as the large entities ones, but not having time and budget enough to deploy this kind of major ERP solutions.

In these cases, alternative Business Solutions (ERP) can appear (called Tier-2, 2-Tier or Hub & Spoke solutions), having bet on pragmatism as their key factor for international deployments.

Balance - Chose - Compare ERP - Major ERP - NAV

Among them, is Microsoft Dynamics NAV (formerly known as Navision) which history, starting in Denmark, end in an up to date and technologically advanced solution, proposing :
– 50+ fully compliant localisations worldwide
– A lot of various functional Add-Ons
– Verticals per field of activity
– A network of local partners covering the 5 continents
– An up to date technology
– An ability to be interfaced with the major ERP solutions, in order to consolidate business data coming from local “human sized” subsidiaries

In fact, Microsoft Dynamics NAV (also known as Navision) allows its customers to take advantage from a pragmatic ERP solution, with an extended functional scope covering the usual needs of a Company (Sales, Purchases, Stocks, Logistics, CRM, Manufacturing, Professional Services, Trade, Sub-Contracting, Bookkeeping, Finance, Cash Management…).
Several Microsoft Dynamics NAV customers, with an initial limited geographical scope, have finally decided to extend it to the whole Group subsidiaries, based on the first deployments Best Practices, and due to its ability to build a Core Model based approach, with fully compliant localisations, and an extended network of experienced local NAV partners, familiar with international projects.
By requesting the local assistance of local partners, the customer avoid risks and costs resulting from a Central Team management of these deployments, with a limited ability to provide an acurrate knowledge of local specificities.

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Then, during the last 15 years, Microsoft Dynamics NAV could cover 160+ countries with local deployments, in order to serve around 100.000 customers worldwide and propose to its customers :
– A user interface close to the Microsoft Office look and feel
– Screens and setups directly based on the user role
– An ability to be interfaced easily and efficiently with any other Group solutions

Among the French Microsoft Dynamics NAV ecosystem, only one single partner decided to focus on international ERP projects : Dynamics International.
This NAV partner proposes its customers (considered as partners) 150+ international ERP deployments and 15+ years of international NAV experience.
With customers from various fields of activities and size of companies, and with local partners covering 80+ countries worldwide, Dynamics International can optimize the way to deliver your Group international ERP project.

More information on : http://www.dynamicsinternational.com/en

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