Which ERP for an International Group or a Multi-Countries Company ? NAV !

International ERP implementation - Dynamics NAV

International Groups and Multi-site companies, face unique challenges when selecting and deploying a Group Business Solution. Hopefully Microsoft Dynamics NAV integrates easily with the parent company’s system (not depending on it) and is able to manage the various needs of their local subsidiaries, regardless of size, location, or type of business.

A real challenge for multi-site and international organizations (MIOs) :
International ERP implementation - Dynamics NAVWhen deploying a Group Business Solution, integrating the existing IT systems of MIO locations is key, in order to effectively share information, manage common needs, and perform successfully as one entity. However, local subsidiaries do not require the same level of complexity within their Business Solution as the Head Office. Moreover, they may not have enough resources to implement and maintain a solution designed for larger companies.

Then,  the ideal solution for the MIO business model is build around a strong core platform and solution proposing enough flexibility to meet the needs of its local sites, regardless of their functional complexity, business specialization, local regulation or geographical location.


Microsoft Dynamics NAV: A pragmatic Business Solution for your subsidiaries
World Global ERP Dynamics NAV 300x281 Microsoft Dynamics NAV for International Groups or Multi Countries CompaniesMicrosoft Dynamics NAV is a Business Solution, on a ERP, proposing enough flexibility to support the various needs of International Groups and Multi-Site Companies, regardless of their size, location, or type of business. NAV is designed to meet in standard the major parts of the needs of, not only, small and midsize organizations, but also, large Groups local subsidiaries ones. Moreover, NAV (formerly known as Navision) is easy to implement, use and maintain for a final low Total Cost of Ownership (TCO).

Microsoft Dynamics NAV main benefits :
– NAV helps MIOs by supporting both Group and Local processes and integrating the local subsidiaries’ information within the Head Office systems
– NAV supports multiple sites deployments by proposing them to comply both with local regulatories and Group business processes
– NAV allows multi-countries Groups to implement quickly a new country from a simple localisation of the Core
– NAV makes the Group saving money by reducing its IT TCO
– NAV meets the needs of complexity as Microsoft Dynamics NAV helps MIOs manage their local subsidiaries complexity without a large local IT staff or an extensive user training
– NAV meets the needs of specialization as Microsoft Dynamics NAV is abe to manage the local functional specificities of a subsidiary, regarding its Group processes
– NAV meets the needs of locations as Microsoft Dynamics NAV is already available with 60+ country localisations around the world
– NAV meets the needs of flexibility as MIOs can adapt the local implementation from a strict Group mandatory setup to a large local customizations, depending on the Group IT Strategy
– NAV improves workflow efficiency, even in case of Group financial consolidation
– NAV gives you clear business insight with integrated analytics and reports
– NAV promotes a more efficient supply chain management
– NAV helps MIOs to adapt and respond proactively to potential changes in business conditions

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